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Publications of 2015

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Journal Articles (1)

  • Lindenmann, N.; Dottermusch, S.; Goedecke, M. L.; Hoose, T.; Billah, M. R.; Onanuga, T.; Hofmann, A.; Freude, W.; Koos, C.
    Connecting Silicon Photonic Circuits to Multi-Core Fibers by Photonic Wire Bonding
    J. Lightwave Technol. 33, 755 - 760 (2015) [DOI] more, (invited)

Conference Contributions (3)

  • Mai, C.; Lischke, S.; Kroh, M.; Hoose, T.; Lindenmann, N.; Koos, C.; Mai, A.; Zimmermann, L.
    Optische Schnittstelle für photonische Wirebonds in photonischer BiCMOS-Technologie
    MikroSystemTechnik-Kongress 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany, Oct. 26–28 (2015) more

  • Dietrich, P.-I.; Wondimu, S. F.; Wienhold, T.; Steidle, M.; Hofmann, A.; Lindenmann, N.; Billah, M. R.; Hoose, T.; Blaicher, M.; Freude, W.; Koos, C.
    Herstellung mikrooptischer Komponenten durch Zwei-Photonen-Polymerisation
    MikroSystemTechnik-Kongress 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany, Oct. 26–28 , EDAS Paper-ID 1570106799 (2015) more

  • Billah, M. R.; Hoose, T.; Onanuga, T.; Lindenmann, N.; Dietrich, P.-I.; Wingert, T.; Goedecke, M. L.; Hofmann, A.; Troppenz, U.; Sigmund, A.; Moehrle, M.; Freude, W.; Koos, C.
    Multi-Chip Integration of Lasers and Silicon Photonics by Photonic Wire Bonding
    Conf. on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO'15), San Jose (CA), USA, May 10–15 , paper STu2F.2. Optical Society of America (OSA) (2015) [DOI]

Lectures (1)

  • Koos, C.
    Photonic wire bonding, multi-chip integration, and wafer-level micro-optics enabled by 3D laser lithography
    Sino-German Workshop on Photonic Manufacturing, Manipulation and Measurement (PMMM2015), July 2-7, Changchun, China (2015) (invited)