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Photonic Wire Bonding for Optical Multi-Chip Systems (PHOIBOS)

PHOIBOS aims at providing the technological and scientific base for a novel generation of highly integrated optoelectronic systems. Such systems are key to overcome transmission bottlenecks in large-scale data centers, optical access networks, and high-performance computing.
Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) transmitter, realized as photonic multi-chip module
Photonic wire bond prototypes: Three-dimensional freeform structures connected to nanowire silicon waveguides
PHOIBOS builds upon the concept of photonic wire bonding to connect integrated photonic circuits across chip boundaries. The concept exploits direct-write multi-photon lithography for in-situ fabrication of three-dimensional freeform waveguides, thereby making high-precision alignment of the optical chips obsolete.


Besides facilitated fiber-chip coupling, photonic wire bonds enable optoelectronic multi-chip assemblies that combine the strengths of best-in-class integration platforms such as


  • III-V compound semiconductors for optical sources,
  • silicon photonics for highy-density photonic-electronic cointegration, and
  • silicon nitride and related material systems for high-quality passive devices.


Photonic multi-chip integration enables optoelectronic systems with unprecedented performance and flexibility and is a key concept to cope with upcoming challenges in information and communication technology